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you're abandoning protocol and violating reality, law

[16:27] Kaydele: ...if MARIA gets maimed she will refuse treatment and just hide, because she's a moron, naturally.
[16:28] Law: AHAHAHAHA
[16:32] Kaydele: she can heal it with ~*MAGIC*~!!
[16:33] liquidlimerick: Dr. Sai says it does not WORK THAT WAY
[16:33] Law: Law would help! But his magic just destroys things
[16:33] Law: Law says Dr. Sai can EAT IT
[16:34] Kaydele: tinyMaria says it totally COULD :( also doctors in her area are scary
[16:35] liquidlimerick: Dr. Sai says both of you are SUPERSTITIOUS IDIOTS (and Law is mean and hurts his heart)
[16:35] * Law lols. Poor little Technocrat.
[16:35] Kaydele: tinyMaria wants to know why Dr. Sai has to hate her :[ she's not doing nothing except not being a hoodrat any more!!
[16:36] liquidlimerick: Dr. Sai says she is damaging reality :[ and he doesn't hate her just wants her to stop
[16:37] Law: Law thinks Dr. Sai's ideas of reality are lame and the good doctor should go get high and watch a fantasy movie or something.
[16:38] liquidlimerick: Dr. Sai does not abuse illegal substances OR movies B|
[16:39] Kaydele: tinyMaria wants to know how you can abuse movies o_O
[16:39] Law: Law thinks he should start and maybe loosen up a little B|
[16:40] liquidlimerick: Dr. Sai idea, but Law suggested it and thus it must be bad
[16:41] Law: Law wonders if perhaps he could use this against Dr. Sai, and begin suggesting not getting high or loosening up. As an ~*experiment*~
[16:41] liquidlimerick: Dr. Sai would never follow his advice so of course- WAIT A SECOND >:(
[16:42] Law: Law: B)
[16:42] liquidlimerick: Dr. Sai: B(
[16:42] * Law casts them in the most lulzworthy buddy-cop movie ever.
[16:43] liquidlimerick: AHAHAHAH oh my /God/
[16:43] Law: The lulz would end the world
[16:43] Law: It would be /EPIC/
[16:44] liquidlimerick: "You're abandoning protocol and VIOLATING REALITY, Law!! You're a loose cannon. >:( We do this by the /book/."
[16:44] Law: "Fuck the book! We're /improvisin'/ dis shit."
[16:45] liquidlimerick: Explosions: *undoubtably ensue*
Tags: irc logs, ooc, relevelency, we're all gonna die
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